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Haris $1200

Dapple dachshund for sale

Price: $650.00 USD

Breed: Dachshund
Sex: Male
Age: 10 weeks old
Mom’s Weight 9 – 12 lbs
Dad’s Weight 10 – 12 lbs
Vaccinations Up-to-Date : Yes
Status: Available
Shipping and Delivery

Learn More About Haris

Meet Haris, your future bundle of joy! This little guy promises endless laughter and delightful moments for his forever family. Haris is a playful and charming companion who will captivate your heart with his adorable antics. His soft, short black and dapple coat adds a touch of elegance to his irresistible charm. Haris is a master of puppy kisses, and he can’t wait to shower you with affection. His big, expressive black eyes reveal his excitement for the love and attention he craves. With his darling Dachshund build and short legs, Haris’s cuteness level is off the charts, making him the perfect addition to your home. Imagine the warmth and joy Haris will bring to your household, especially during these chilly winter days. Don’t miss out on the chance to make Haris a cherished part of your family.

Haris and her littermates are currently undergoing potty training initiated by our family. Take a look at the selected potty training techniques employed by the us. The puppies in the litter have been introduced to socialization activities to foster positive behavior traits. Socializing a puppy at an early age may make them more confident, relaxed, compassionate pets. Explore the methods used for socializing the litter. As part of ensuring the optimal growth and development of Annabel and her littermates, we have implemented a variety of neurological stimulations during their early stages.

***Dogs may change color naturally as they mature due to many factors such as genetics, hair type, losing puppy fur and changing to the adult coat, pigmentation, hormonal changes, seasonal changes, shaving, etc. Color changes are expected and can occur quickly and at any time. We cannot guarantee a dog’s permanent coat color for these reasons.

AKC Quality Dapple Dachshund for sale

Welcome to AKC Quality Dachshunds, your ultimate destination to buy adorable Dachshund For Sale! With a deep passion for breeding these wonderful canines, we take immense pride in providing loving homes with our top-quality Dachshund puppies at highly affordable rates. Our aim is to witness the joy and satisfaction of every family that welcomes one of our delightful puppies into their hearts and homes.

Our Dachshund puppies are known for their remarkable spirit, athletic prowess, and high intelligence. These traits make them the perfect addition to any loving family. Dachshunds are naturally lively and exude a vibrant energy that can uplift the atmosphere of any household. Whether it’s playtime in the yard or a relaxing evening indoors, these puppies are sure to bring endless joy and laughter to your life.

Key Features that Tends to Buy the Best Quality Dapple dachshund

Happy and Fun-Loving: Dachshunds are renowned for their cheerful disposition, and their presence can brighten anyone’s day. Their playful behavior and affectionate nature make them wonderful companions for adults and children alike.

Intelligent and Trainable

These intelligent canines have a natural eagerness to learn and please their owners. Dachshunds are quick learners and respond exceptionally well to training. A Dash of Stubbornness: While their intelligence works in their favor during training, Dachshunds can also be a little stubborn at times. It’s essential to approach their training with a gentle but firm hand to achieve the best results.

Your Family’s Perfect Companion Dachund Puppies For Sale

thrive on companionship and attention, making them ideal pets for families seeking a loyal and loving friend. They quickly become an integral part of your family unit, forging strong bonds with all its members with their affectionate nature. Thus Dachund Puppies For Sale will fit right in and bring an abundance of joy to your life.

Shipping Options

No matter where you are in the world, AKC Quality Dachshunds has you covered. We offer shipping services within the USA, Canada, and internationally. So, regardless of your location, you can bring home a delightful Dachshund puppy from our reputable breeding program.

AKC Quality Dachshunds is your reliable and trustworthy source for finding the perfect Dachshund puppy to complete your family. Our passion for breeding shines through in the quality and care we provide to our puppies, ensuring they are ready to be loved and cherished by their new families. Embrace the playful spirit, intelligence, and affection of a Dachshund – buy one of our puppies today and experience the joy they bring firsthand!

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