Mini Dachshund Testimonials

Mini Dachshunds For Sale Testimonials

Explore heartwarming Mini Dachshund Puppies for Sale testimonials that showcase the joy and satisfaction of our delighted customers. We bring to your acknowledgement what some of our sincere and satisfied clients say

Discover your perfect companion with our Dachshunds for sale. Explore our selection, including Mini Dachshunds for sale, long-haired Dachshunds, and adorable Dapple Dachshunds. Find the ideal addition to your family and experience the joy of bringing home a Dachshund that suits your preferences. Explore our listings and connect with reputable breeders for your next furry friendabout us

Mini Dachshund Testimonials

Our Mini Dachshund puppies have left an indelible paw print on the hearts of families across the nation. Discover firsthand experiences, glowing reviews, and genuine stories of companionship as you consider bringing home one of our charming Mini Dachshund puppies. Let the testimonials speak to the unparalleled quality, temperament, and joy these adorable pups bring into the lives of those who have welcomed them into their homes. Join our community of satisfied Mini Dachshund owners and experience the love and happiness that these little bundles of joy bring.


I had a great experience! She is very quick to respond to any questions or requests. My puppy is well behaved, doing great with potty training, and crate training! You can tell she loves her puppies and takes care of them! You will be so happy you chose them for your newest little family member!

Jone Doe


We are active duty military and were worried about how it would affect us getting a puppy. Thank you so much. We must say that we were very impressed with your professionalism, and we loved the puppy so much. I am really looking forward to buy another puppy considering Your sincerity. Thank you AKC Quality Dachshunds.

Hernandez Ann

Satisfied Client / MN.


It truly is amazing to me that it has only been just over 6 months since we picked Mya up. I feel like she has always been a part of our family and I can’t imagine what life would be like without her. She just fits in so perfectly. Mya and our other miniature dachshund puppy, Jake are the best of buddies…they box & chase each other all over the yard and after they have worn each other out they fall asleep on top of each other. They are so loving and playful not only w/each other but w/everyone in general. The experience of adopting From Home (that I can’t imagine how anyone was able to give her up because she is so sweet) is something that I will always cherish. Thanks again to AKC Quality Dachshunds.

Angelina Miller

Satisfied Client / TX.


I cannot recommend this breeder enough. Jean from ( above and beyond to ensure his puppies receive the best care possible. Everything from the socialization to the check-ups is taken care of with a high level of attention and care. It’s clear that Jean has a deep passion for this breed and wants nothing but the best for his dogs and their new families. Our Dachshund puppy is simply perfect. They are so well-behaved, loving, and playful, and we are so thankful to have found this breeder.”

Tina R

Satisfied Client / CO.


Our experience with this breeder was nothing short of excellent. Jean from ( was professional, honest, and detailed in his communication and information. It was obvious from the beginning that he truly cares about his puppies and wants them to have happy and fulfilled lives. He gave us a tour of his facilities, introduced us to the parent dogs, and made us feel comfortable with the adoption process. Our Dachshund puppy is healthy, smart, and beautiful. We are grateful to have found such a wonderful breeder.

Emily and Paul B

Satisfied Client , NY


Thank you AKC Quality Dachshunds for my baby, Duke. He’s such a good boy–I can tell how happy he is that he came to live with us. He’ll often come into the putter room and stand up with his front paws on my lap to give me hugs while I’m typing. He could be an agility dog. We knew Duke could jump high, but how gracefully he is doing it is amazing. He can jump up and over something from a standing position easily. He and Danzig had a blast in the snow, playing and running around the yard like two horses galloping. We have yet to set up our Xmas tree, but I’m curious to see how he reacts to it. More than one miniature dachshund puppy is the Home!

Jessica Kelly

Satisfied Client, NC


We are active duty military and were worried about how it would affect us getting a puppy. Thank you so much. We must say that we were very impressed with your professionalism, and we loved the puppy so much. I am looking forward to buying another puppy considering Your sincerity. Thank you AKC Quality Dachshunds.

Marry Ann

Satisfied Client, MI


My favorite place to buy puppies! They got great specials from time to time, super friendly staff, knowledgeable and the setup is awesome… you can browse at your leisure looking at other puppies and I love how they put them in categories like “male and female”.

Mark James

Satisfied Client, MD


He’s a great dog—patient with the kids, loves to cuddle with you, go on walks, loves people and other dogs. He’s done well with obedience training and learns fast. Mostly he’s just a very kind and gentle dog that would like attention all the time but will also wait patiently when he needs to when we are busy. Great family dog! Thank you ( Home.

Alison Kims

Trustworthy , Syracuse , Ny


What a great experience and a wonderful puppy. We really appreciated the care they gave in transporting and delivering him to us. The puppy cab driver had a really difficult and long drive but seemed super happy about delivering our puppy.

Lawrence Washington

Satisfied Client, Pahrump, Nevada


Very helpful finding and purchasing my new puppy. I picked up my puppy in St. Louis at their Maleek Dachshund Puppies hanger and the staff there were awesome. I was also sent a fantastic new puppy package with a bed, toys, leash, very soft blanket that she loves and food/water dish that was totally unexpected and very welcome.

Priscilla Sparrow

Satisfied Client , PA


I just wanted to give you an update on my beloved Cleo. She is the MOST WONDERFUL DOG we ever had!!! My family and I are so much in love with her. She is so gentle and loving. She listens wonderfully. Everyone who meets her just gives her so much praise. She has definitely won our hearts. Thank you so much AKC Quality Dachshunds for allowing us this special gift of love.

Theresa Dooley

Florissant, MO


Our little girl has a TON of energy and she keeps all of us on our toes. She is the sweetest and most loving little girl ever and I love her so much. She has graduated her first obedience class and we will be starting agility training in a couple of weeks. Sadie is the cool one in the family and when I say “cool” I mean she has major swag! Sadie and Panda love chasing each other around, but she also has taught him how to just lay under a tree on a sunny day and enjoy the good life. I am grateful that I found Dachshund Puppies as our breeder

Jason Arnold.

Franklin , TN


We are first-time dog owners and have three children. To say I was nervous about having a dog would be an understatement, but Rosie has been a dream. She stayed with Malachi for a few extra weeks for Therapy Prep, and it was worth it. She came home almost fully potty trained, fully crate trained, and ready for life in a busy house. Malachi is amazing and raises the sweetest, most even-tempered, most lovable dogs. It is clear how much he loves what he does. Thank you Cutes Pups Home – Dachshund Puppies.

Lee Ann Evaro

Rio Rancho, NM


We highly recommend 5 stars! We love Puppy Mario! He’s now 14 weeks old and is more beautiful and sweet each and every day. He even snuggles with our Persian Kitty Leo! We love Maleek Dachshund Puppies so much we are repeat customers with his new 5 week old half sister Bela will be arriving here in a few weeks. The puppy pack for Jack was great and Cutes Pups For Sale reimbursed for all bills for his ear infection that discovered at his first well check. The concierge team was very helpful checking in on his recovery. It was wonderful having him delivered to our front door! We love Iack! Thank you Cutes Pups For Sale Home!

Jone Doe


I was hesitant to buy a puppy online, but beyond pleased with the entire experience. We ordered our adorable 10-week-old Dachshund. He is very healthy and sweet. Clearly, he was well socialized and must have been introduced to potty training because he won’t go unless he is outside or on a puppy pad! Trust
Dachshund Puppies and their work and you won’t regret it!

Justin Acosta

Phoenix , Arizona


In the end, all worked out great, and we have a wonderful puppy we are loving having in the home. Healthy and happy! But a number of things I was told to being with turned out to be not the case, which made for a lot of uncertainty. I was told, for instance, that I could pick up the puppy at the breeders – could not happen. But in the end, it all worked out great.

Samantha G.

Detroit , MI


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